Our mission is creation of friendly and open museum space for modern spectators.
The space should make a possibility of getting to know the local heritage: inseparably linked with nature and history. We intend to promote as broadly as possible access to modern trends and full digital potential.

What’s more, we look into and save plenty of objects from oblivion, especially both architecture and handicraft and artistic goods, photographs, postcards, documents, letters, diaries, press. In addiction, we remember tradition, technology, historical names. We don’t forget about the local community that has been living here for ages.

Obviously, one of the most important parts of Ursus District identity is an industrial heritage.

The local community is mostly involved in the process of making our future institution.
We try to go out with our activities on a big scale.

We stimulate touristic potential that’ s hidden in Ursus District.
We take note of preservation and adaptation an industrial monuments for touristic, educational and cultural purposes