Culture Centre “Ursus” was founded in 1950 by head of Ursus Factory. Unique Culture Centre was completely rebuilded in 1968. It allowed to increase the functionality and add a wide range of cultural activities. After 1968 Culture Centre “Ursus” offered new cloakrooms, coffee bar and, in addition, Ursus Factory Museum, opened 5th of September 1969,  initiated by Edward Margański (the then press officer of Ursus Factory). There plenty of objects were collected. These items illustrated scale of changes, which had been occuring in that factory from the beginning of production. Souvenirs, documents, films are admired by numerous groups of visitors and guests coming Ursus Factory. Old tractors exciting so much (…).
22nd of July factory Museum created National Member Chamber with exhibition presenting battles with Nazi occupants during World War II.

Ursus Factory Museum existed in Culture Centre “Ursus” to early 90s. Museum has been reconstructed in workshop number 270 – main office of “Ursus sp. z o. o.” later belonging to the Polish Defence Holding (formerly Bumar). The workshop number 270 was used for assembly of license tractors. In 2nd of June 2006 reconstructed Museum was ceremonially opened by cutting a ribbon across the entrance by Andrzej Lepper – the then Deputy Prime Minister of agriculture and rural development. As a result of privatization, from 2011 the unique items of the Ursus Factory Museum were held by the Polish Defence Holding in closed workshop number 270.

At last, 14th of December 2016, a opening ceremony of the Izba Tożsamości Ursusa took place. There a rich collection was presented. These objects illustrate a valuable history of Ursus City and, later, Ursus District. Izba is thought as the germ of future institution, which may develop and present Ursus from the dawn of history. It is worth noting how Izba Tożsamości Ursusa was located. This is situated at the same place as both Ursus Factory Museum (48 years ago) and, next, “Piwnica Ursus Club”.

In 2017 the Izba Tożsamości Ursusa moved to Culture Centre “Miś” by Traktorzystów 20 Street (in the past the main reception of Ursus Factory was set there). Nowadays, Izba is put up on the 2nd floor of a historical building; spread a large area equipped in a projector and a screen.